APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats did an amazing job on our dog’s teeth. We got the same work done with less than half the price, and our dog didn’t have to be put to sleep. Our dog came out happy as can be. Perfection!

- Judy G.

What a fantastic service! I was truly impressed by how comfortable Melissa was able to make my dog while cleaning her teeth. My dog’s teeth are so much better than before. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats for your fur babies’ dental hygiene.
Thank you for your service, and we’ll see you again soon.

- Adam G.

APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats provides a great deal of knowledge and understanding when it comes to keeping your pets happy and healthy. Your pet won’t be the only one leaving with a smile!

- Scott C.

Amazing with animals, healthier approach with no anesthetics, affordable, amazing TLC. I highly recommend for your loved furry family members. Melissa is incredible!

- Theodora S.

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a great job they did. I will be honest, I was very skeptical, wondering how good could it be for that price when the vet is over $1,000? I was concerned it wouldn’t work without putting my dog to sleep. Was I ever wrong. I was super impressed with the results. I have a 5-year-old dog that never had his teeth cleaned before, but also didn’t have any major dental issues. They were kind, quick and did an amazing job.

- Chris C.

These ladies did an amazing job on our toy poodle. His teeth look great — sooo much better than they did. I would recommend 100% and will definitely be back. Our dog was really nervous to go in, but came out very happy, so I know it was a good experience for him too.

- Allie B.

The before-and-after pictures were truly shocking. She did an incredible job, and I only wish we had done this earlier.

- Tiara R.

We have an almost-14-year-old shih-tzu we have had for the last 3 years. These ladies did an unbelievable job on her teeth. We were told by the vet with age and her heart murmur, it wouldn’t be worth the risk of sedation to have her teeth done. These ladies exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend them.

- Stephanie C.

I took all three pups for cleaning and was absolutely thrilled and astounded by the amazing difference. I was worried about my daughter’s pomchi being aggressive, and I was so happy to see how happy and relaxed he was. I need to take my cats soon too. The staff was incredible, and they truly work magic on both cleaning teeth and calming anxious pets.

- Katharyn L.

My Jackson’s teeth look great!! No sedation, and he was his usual happy-go-lucky self when we picked him up!! I’m extremely happy with the results. Thank you.

- Nancy E.

Sawyer was provided such wonderful care when his teeth were cleaned. He smiles a lot, so his smile just got even better! Thank you, and I highly recommended APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats.

- Jennifer W.

Oh boy! First experience was so pleasant! My 3-year-old cav-oodle, Alfie, was relaxed and cooperative! His teeth are brilliant, and his breath is sweet again! Great job.

- Rhonda F.

I am overjoyed with Taffy’s experience today with APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats! Melissa did a thoroughly fantastic job on Taffy today. He had so much plaque, and his breath was awful! Tonight I can’t get enough of him! No bad breath whatsoever, and a beautiful white smile. Thank you so much!

- Cathy S.

SUCH an amazing experience with APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats. Walter had his teeth cleaned today by two lovely techs who only used love, music, calming scents and a snuggly blanket to convince Walter to have his teeth cleaned WITHOUT anesthetic. Walter’s teeth are so clean and fresh now. He also got a goodie bag with a toy, treats, gum-care lotion and poop bags when we left. We will definitely be back.

- Natalie H.

They do a great job each and every time. Highly recommended!

- Dan Z.

Just had my year old Dalmatian-Pit done, and he was so comfortable and relaxed, he slept through half of the procedure! These girls are very professional and extremely passionate about what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!

- Kevin C.

I’m the owner of the Bark & Meow Pet Supplies in Toronto, and we have been holding cosmetic teeth cleaning clinics at my store with Melissa and Jessica of APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats. We’ll continue to have these clinics with APL because they can do exactly the job they claim to do, and they are very professional, customer focused, knowledgeable about the products they use, and they have an amazing ability to communicate with the furry babies, my customers’ dogs and cats. To me, they are dog and cat whisperers. I witnessed myself how the most timid rescued dogs, cats, and in another case, a senior blind and deaf dog, behaved most calmly and trustingly when being approached by Melissa and Jessica. They can get the job done even when the pet-parents thought it would be impossible. The customers are always surprised at the results of their work. And having happy customers is a very important thing always. So if you are a store owner thinking of teaming up with these two awesome women, I say go for it. They only bring with them an added, much-needed service you didn’t know you can provide to your pet-loving customers. You won’t regret teaming up with APL. I don’t, not one bit!

- Charles N.

Amazing results. I would definitely recommend to family and friends. My pup’s teeth haven’t looked better.

- Chelsea N.

I was nervous initially (never had my dog’s teeth cleaned by a non-vet before), but Melissa was terrific, obviously caring, and I’m delighted with the results. And, as far as I can tell, my dog (a 12-year-old Havanese male) was pleased, too! An added (unexpected) benefit was receiving before-and-after pictures. I showed them to my family, one of whom has bred Berger Picards, and they were all impressed too. I would recommend Melissa to anyone. Well done!

- Dick T.

Excellent service & amazing results!! My 2 dogs are 13 and 11, and their teeth had tons of plaque and tartar buildup. I honestly didn’t think my dogs would be able to get through a session… but they did!! Their teeth are sparkling clean. Best of all, their breath smells fresh! I would highly recommend APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats to any dog / cat owners who are interested in getting their fur baby’s teeth cleaned.

- Mary R.

Very professional, friendly and great value. We will definitely be taking our little guy back.

- Bruce W.

I’m very appreciative of the professional dental cleaning that my shih-tzu Petey received. Everything is all-natural, and your dog is awake the whole time. I couldn’t believe how clean and nice-smelling Petey’s mouth was after the cleaning! Thanks, ladies!

- Byron F.

Very professional care for your most valued family member! I love the service here, and the pup appreciates the relief of having their teeth cleaned without sedatives! I recommend 100%.

- Kevin H.

The service they provide is top-notch. Fantastic with my full-grown male Aussie. Well done, ladies!

- Dan A.

APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats was amazing with both of my girls. My oldest has severe anxiety with any type of procedure or vet visit, and I have never seen her so calm and relaxed after. I would recommend APL to anyone!

- Samantha B.

They did a great job with our little guy. Very professional and friendly. Excellent work and value.

- Bruce W.

My boy Vinny needed his teeth cleaned from having so many issues in the past and nothing worked, but today I got his teeth cleaned, and honestly they did amazing job, and it helped so much. He loved it. He was loving all the attention, and he was so happy after! Thanks so much, guys. You rock!!!

- Jennessa S.

Good job, great results and a pleasant experience for the dog. No anesthesia required! Reasonable price!

- Barb K.

I just have to recommend the folks at APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats! Read through all the reviews, and you’ll see what I mean! All the best to you and your fur babies!

- Billie S.

We couldn’t be happier with the amazing job these ladies did on both our dogs’ teeth. The price was amazing, and my dogs’ teeth are beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please support this business. It’s truly incredible. We will be back for sure.

- Kim H.

They were so sweet, and even though I was super nervous for my nervous old pup’s first cleaning, he was in such good hands and was so calm when I picked him up. Miracle workers!

- Sarah S.

APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats cleaned my 2 dogs’ teeth today. Both Benji and Roxie’s teeth look amazing, and it was all done without sedation. The two ladies were amazing with the 2 dogs, keeping them calm during the cleaning. I was amazed that they allowed them to even open up their mouths. All the build-up and tartar are gone. It is the best cleaning they ever had, better than both of the vet cleanings they had under sedation. Thank you so much! I will use the gel you recommended and be back for another cleaning. So happy my groomer recommended you. You are definitely 5-star!!!

- Rosemary H.

Teeth looked great, but more importantly, my little senior wasn’t stressed when I picked him up.

- Robert C.

They did such an amazing job on Toby’s teeth! I will definitely be back!

- Kim G.

This was the first time our Wheaten had her teeth cleaned by APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats. I was worried she would not cooperate, but she was very good. She was not stressed when she came home. Her teeth look so much better, and her breath is amazing compared to normal!! Thank you so much, Mimi, for recommending APL!!

- Cindy R.

I can’t recommend Melissa & Jessica enough. They are reliable, hardworking and get the job done, all with your dog’s well-being and health being their top priority. If you’re looking for professional teeth cleaning for your pet, these are the people to trust. They are the best of the best.

- Beth M.

I host clinics at my grooming salon, and the ladies are fabulous with the pups and take the time to ensure a “pawsitive” experience for both pets and owners.

- Toba D.

Fantastic results for your furry friend’s clean teeth and fresh breath. No pain and a happy end result. The girls are amazing at what they do. Dogs love them.

- Tereska M.

I was verry happy with the results after Melissa and Jessica were finished cleaning Radar’s teeth. Apparently it looks like Radar enjoyed all the attention he got. I would definitely recommend their service.

- Karen B.

We had our 11-year-old girl’s teeth cleaned here a couple of weeks ago, and we are SO HAPPY we went with APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats!! Her teeth were BAD. She does not let us brush them ourselves, and where we thought that our groomers had been brushing for us, we found out the last 2 years they in fact had not. Her teeth were in rough shape. We have two little pups that needed cleanings, and we were trying to figure out alternatives to the massive vet bill we would have to go that route. I saw a lawn sign for APL and looked them up and decided to give it a chance. It couldn’t hurt after all. It’s natural and no sedation for the little fur babies! Turns out they are magicians here and got her all cleaned up and good as new! They pointed out a couple of loose teeth for us to pay attention to and provided maintenance education as well… oh, and my girl who hasn’t let me put my hands in her mouth for 11 years absolutely loved them and was great for them. So they are also dog whisperers. Thank you, APL! Our little man will be coming to you next!

- Ashley S.

They did a wonderful job with my dog, Nico. His teeth are the whitest they have ever been. Melissa was extremely professional and so friendly with us! I would certainly recommend APL to anyone looking to get their dog’s teeth cleaned. We will definitely return in a few months to clean them again. Thank you!

- Eleanor B.

Exceptional service, and my dog’s teeth look wonderful! I was very skeptical because my dog suffers from anxiety, and I truly believed that there is no way he would allow someone to do this kind of treatment on him, especially for about an hour. These women are absolutely dog whisperers! I totally recommend this service without hesitation to EVERYONE with a cat or dog because it’s a fraction of the cost of dental surgery (at least it was for my 64-lb. dog) and more importantly, it’s without the risk of general anesthesia. Thank you so much!

- Barb R.

I can’t say enough good about Chad’s experience. He actually had a nap during his cleaning, lol. Professional, caring experience. Chad’s looking forward to his next visit.

- Dwayne M.

They were excellent with our dog, Rudy. Our boy is a rescue with fear issues. They were so patient and kind with him. Thank you!

- Katia D.

I cannot stress enough how AMAZING these ladies are. Our fur baby, Mia, has NEVER had her teeth cleaned because the vet was just too expensive and they had to put my little girl to sleep… So yeah, no thanks! Then I was introduced to APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats. I cannot believe how happy Mia was to see the girls and how happy she was when she was done. This is a true testament to how the ladies treat your fur babies. Seriously, if you have not tried them yet, you are missing out and WASTING YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!! Thank you, ladies, and I will see you in a few months for Mia’s next cleaning. Also there should totally be a 10-star option!!!!

- Eleni S.

APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats is an absolute amazing company that I have been so fortunate to work with! Saying these ladies are the best is an understatement. They are out of this world! I have watched them make the most tartar-filled mouth so clean and pearly like new first-hand. The attention and care they give to each dog on top of using only the best all-natural products AND being anesthetic-FREE is why I will always recommend APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats! When they say “a pooch you want to smooch”, they mean it, and it shows in their work!

- Karen H.

Luka had his teeth cleaning today and everything looks great. Happy customer.

- Claudiu C.

These ladies are amazing! I would totally recommend having your dog’s teeth cleaned with them. What a difference– it’s amazing!!! I feel so much better not having her put out under anesthetic, and the job is even better than you could imagine!! Don’t hesitate!!!

- Karen T.

We brought our 7-year-old shepherd mix for her first dental cleaning. We only adopted her 18 months ago, and her dental health had been neglected. We are so happy with the results. She was pampered and well-cared-for and very relaxed when we picked her up. The before-and-after photos were amazing, and her breath is now so sweet. We plan to return every year, as we will be regular clients from now on.

- Deborah H.

I was so amazed by the results and how easy it was for my dog! So kind and gentle – I completely recommend APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats!

- Susan S.

What an incredible service! My chihuahua absolutely loved his experience with APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats! He was relaxed and so happy to have his teeth cleaned without being dopey from anesthetic! A much healthier alternative for your pet! I completely stand behind the service they provide and the results I saw in their service!

- Kassandra M.

Teddy was one lucky puppy to have his teeth cleaned… without being sedated. APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats is very loving with your beloved pet.

- Ruth D.

Maggie and Bernie have super clean teeth now! APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats did a great job, and we will definitely do it again next year.

- Irene S.

This was our first time, and I was a bit worried, as our dog is old and his teeth are failing. The service was awesome and the change was incredible!! Thank you so, so much for all the care and great service!

- Lina R.

I brought Bailee, my 14-year-old yorkie. I know her teeth were terrible and unkept (bad mama), but I knew she had to get them cleaned! Because I didn’t want her undergoing anesthesia to get her teeth cleaned at the vet, this was an awesome service to hear about! I spoke with Bailee’s groomer, Mari, and she was able to answer all my questions! I was worried Bailee would be fussy since she didn’t like whenever I tried looking at her teeth or opening her mouth, but these ladies had a magic touch and said she was so good and sweet to them! 10/10. Definitely recommend!!

- Emelyne D.

Elwood was so calm, and his teeth look great. I’m very happy with the service APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats provided. Thank you.

- Suzanne P.

It was a very effective and gentle process for my older dog. His teeth look wonderful. I appreciate the low cost and all the caring. My pup gives this service 5 stars.

- Brenda S.

Our boy Coach got his teeth and gums done by APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats for the first time ever because I was so concerned about the cost of getting it done at our vet. Melissa and her team were so professional. I was quite amazed at how they were able to remove all the stains. His teeth are whiter than I’ve ever seen them. Quick & easy, and he was so relaxed and happy! They emailed a report with pictures of Coach’s tooth and gum health, which was very helpful. I would highly recommend APL!

- Jennifer G.

I highly recommend their services! They are friendly, professional and VERY good at what they do. Our dog came away happier, with a fresh mouth and clean teeth and gums. I swear he’s more comfortable. It has made a huge difference to his overall health. I would definitely book again.

- Jennifer L.

Amazing job done for my dog Ruby. If anyone needs teeth cleaning for their dog, APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats is definitely where you want to get it done!

- Daniel L.

My fur baby had a great experience. APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats is very friendly and welcoming. They explained everything they do before Mya’s cleaning. I would 100% recommend these ladies!

- Tara S.

APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats did a fantastic job of cleaning our dog’s teeth. It was much less stressful for her than when our vet did it. The vet charged us six times as much money and put her under, which was hard on her and expensive. I’ll definitely be back when she needs her teeth cleaned again.

- Tara L.

I have a giant breed Great Pyrenees who doesn’t like baths and is a grumpy senior. APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats did amazing with his mouth! He’s never had his teeth cleaned before, and the results were fantastic. Like new! Highly recommend her work.

- Rebecca J.