APL – Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

All natural, cosmetic teeth cleaning for dogs and cats! Our passionate technicians work carefully to produce the wonderful results of your pet’s best smile. It’s important that everyone understands this procedure is strictly cosmetic and we do not practice veterinary medicine. We use a different sterile scaler on each animal ensuring a clean service. Providing a calming environment, we use scents and gentle touch to help your pet if they were to become nervous or anxious in our care. We strongly believe in positive reinforcement so that your pet leaves us feeling that their Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning was a positive experience.

Attention! Disclosure and Disclaimer:

Our Cosmetic teeth cleaning technicians are fully trained to cosmetically scale your pets teeth. This service is not to be confused with a medical procedure or intended to replace any veterinarian care. We are not veterinarians, we can not and will not diagnose, treat or medicate. If your pet has tarter or plaque build up that is beyond cosmetic, we will advise you to see your local veterinarian.

Credentials of our technicians:

At APL – cosmetic teeth cleaning for dogs and cats, we are all first aid certified (3rd time cert.), our technicians are 31 and 32 of age and have over 10plus years with excessive backgrounds in pet care, such as; cosmetic teeth cleaning for pets (practiced with over 500 plus pets) and strongly growing, animal behavioural, animal communication practice, nutritionist, and we are continually growing our passion and education!

Our products and services:

With a combination of hand instruments, such as scalers, haemostats, natural products and not tested on animals / no by-products, we reveal your pet’s beautiful pearly whites! We gently scale the teeth above the gum line and use enzymatic pet safe toothpaste, along with a gel that works with the animals saliva to help break down any starting or existing plaque and tarter. Another product we use and love is Colloidal Silver; it’s an all natural, 100% safe spray that helps combat bacteria. We take pride in using safe, all natural and organic products on your furry companions.

Saving the world, one bad dog breath at a time! Making your pooch, a pooch you want to smooch!