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Please read below for some frequently asked questions here at APL:

Q – Is the dog awake? Do you give my dog anything to make him sleepy?
A – The dog is wide awake while we clean their teeth. We do not administrate anything to make your doggy groggy.

Q – What products do you use?
A – Our products are all-natural, plant-based, and animal byproduct free. Essential oils are used in the room. We use hand scalers and cotton swabs to safely remove the plaque and tartar and colloidal silver. We clean our tools with a Blu-ray sanitation machine and and use new tools for every pet.

Q – Can I stay with my dog?
A – Unfortunately, we don’t allow the “pawrents” to come back into our room. We find that the animal settles once the pawrents have left. It’s just like dropping kids off at daycare!

Q – My dog will prefer if I am in the room with them…
A – We understand. They’re your baby. But we assure you, your pet is in great hands. The ladies are well trained and are big believers in positive reinforcement.

Q – How long does it take?
A – The whole procedure takes 1 hour. You will receive a before-and-after picture/collage once they are done, along with recommendations for keeping teeth clean.

Q – What if you can’t work with my dog?
A – If we are unable to do the teeth scaling, it is free of charge, and we will refund your deposit.

Melissa Giannone
Alpha Pack Leader