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Please read below for some frequently asked questions here at APL:

Q – Is the dog awake? Do they give my dog anything to make him sleepy?
A – The dog is wide awake while they clean the teeth, they do not administrate anything to make your doggy groggy.

Q – What do they use?
A – They are plant-based and animal free. Essential oils are used in the room. Hand scalersa and cotton swabs to safely remove the plaque and tarter and Colloidal Silver.

Q – Can I stay with my dog?
A – Unfortunately they don’t allow the parents to come back with them, they find the animals settles once parent has left

Q – How long does it take?
A – The whole procedure takes 1 hour, you will receive a before and after picture/collage once they are done. Along with recommendations for keeping teeth clean.

Q – My dog will prefer if I am in the room with them…
A – I understand, they’re your baby. I assure you, your pet is in great hands. The ladies are well trained and are big believers in positive reinforcement.

Q – What if you can’t do my dog?
A – If they are unable to do the teeth scaling it is free of charge and deposit is given back.

Melissa Giannone
Alpha Pack Leader