For the Best Dog Teeth Cleaning, Try Out These Tips

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Your dog’s teeth could use some attention if they have red, bleeding gums, you can see brown tartar spots on their teeth, they don’t want to crunch their food, they stop playing with their favourite toys, or their breath smells horrible. If you’re looking for dog teeth cleaning options to help your dog and restore their dental health, we want you to schedule with us at APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats.

For the Best Dog Teeth Cleaning, Try Out These Tips

While some oral health issues require an appointment with a vet to address, we offer cosmetic dog teeth cleaning solutions that remove tartar and plaque buildup and preserve the health of the teeth and gums. For the best dog teeth cleaning experience for you and your dog, we recommend the following:

  • Get your dog used to having their teeth worked on with regular at-home teeth brushing. You can purchase a canine toothpaste and toothbrush and brush your dog’s teeth a few times a week. Not only will this prepare them for their appointment, but it’ll also help with their overall dental health.
  • Follow our instructions for preparation. We may suggest that your dog abstain from drinking water and eating food for a few hours before their appointment. Follow all of our instructions to ensure that everything goes according to plan.
  • During your dog’s teeth cleaning appointment, remember that your dog will get through the process just fine. Even if they fight the process a little bit, you can help them feel better by being there to provide plenty of pets, cuddles, and treats once their appointment is over.