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Treat your pet with healthy dog treats!

If your dog has learned the word “treat” and loves when it is mentioned, they are not alone! Dogs everywhere love to get the occasional treat and often enjoy when their training or play accompanies such delicacies. If you have been looking for healthy dog treats, we have just the thing for you at APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats!

Healthy Dog Treats in Ontario

Our healthy dog treats are wonderful inside and out. Unlike other dog treats that are full of fillers and artificial ingredients, our dog treats are natural and made from products you can name and recognize. Our dog treats are dehydrated, which requires your dog to chew them, helping to keep their teeth clean. Additionally, they are natural and cold-smoked, giving them a delightful flavor that your pooch will love. We wanted to make sure that our treats were plastic-free, so we package them with care in biodegradable treat bags and cardboard boxes. We take the same care and consideration for our treats as we do for your pets.

We offer treats that we are confident your pet will love, including pizzles, beaver tails, duck feet, salmon skins, tripe, and liver bites. Pizzles promote healthy teeth and gums in between visits. We also have a “What’s Your Favorite Treat?” bag, which has a variety of all our treats. Your pooch will be able to indulge their primal side while also enjoying flavorful and healthful treats in the Ontario area. If you have been looking for healthy dog treats that your pooch will love and you will love offering, then check out our wide selection today! Give us a call to learn more. We look forward to talking with you.

You’ll love our cosmetic dog teeth cleaning services and healthy dog treats!

Our healthy treats are packaged with care in biodegradable paper wrapping. We cold smoke our treats to perfect the curing process with all-natural ingredients. Rather than using heat, the cold smoke process takes almost a week to cure, locking in 100% of the nutrients. Our dental-friendly treats also promote healthy teeth and gums. They are made from cartilage as opposed to bone, which is healthier for dogs.

Once their bellies have been cared for with healthy treats, we can worry about the state of their teeth. After age 3, many dogs are plagued by severe plaque and tartar buildup. By utilizing calming environments, natural calming ingredients like lavender oil, and a gentle demeanor, we are able to perform cosmetic teeth cleaning services for your dog. We use sterilized and quality tools to scrape and remove the sticky plaque and hardened tartar, leaving your dog with a winning smile and much fresher breath.

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