Tips and Tricks to Help Prevent Tartar on Dogs’ Teeth

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Tips and Tricks to Help Prevent Tartar on Dogs’ TeethIf you have a dog, you know that one of the best parts of their companionship is getting loving kisses from your pooch. However, tartar on dogs’ teeth can cause those sweet kisses to become unpleasant, since tartar buildup can cause bad breath and other dental issues. Tartar is the hard, yellowish buildup that forms on a dog’s teeth if plaque is not properly removed, and it can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss if it is left untreated.

Our team at APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats offers professional cosmetic teeth cleanings for dogs to help keep their teeth healthy and looking great. Still, many of our clients are interested in additional methods for preventing tartar on dogs’ teeth along with their regular cosmetic cleanings. Here are a few tips and treats to help keep your dog’s teeth looking good, allowing you to enjoy more puppy kisses.

  • Tip: Brush with canine toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Daily brushings are ideal, but weekly ones are also great for keeping your dog’s breath fresh between professional cleanings.
  • Treat: Incorporate raw veggies into their diet. Carrots and celery are particularly good at preventing tartar on dogs’ teeth. Be sure to ask your vet what other veggies are okay to give your pup, since some, like onions and asparagus, should not be given to dogs.
  • Tip: Provide lots of chew toy options. Chewing is how dogs clean their teeth naturally, so be sure that your dog has plenty of options for texture and hardness to choose from.
  • Treat: Tap into their primal side with dehydrated natural treats, like the ones we offer, that are specifically designed to provide the nutrients they need while also helping prevent tartar on dogs’ teeth.