Dog Dental Health, Ontario

Pamper your dog with teeth cleaning!

You probably brush your teeth every day to get rid of buildup, plaque, and other gunk. But what about your dog’s teeth? You take good care of your dog by taking them to the vet regularly for checkups and vaccinations, and dog dental health should also be a part of your routine to help your dog always look and feel their best.

Dog Dental Health in Ontario

At APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats, our list of furry clients extends throughoutOntario. Put your dog on our schedule, and we’ll come and take care of your pooch’s teeth. We recommend starting with our cosmetic dog dental health care services when your dog is around the age of two, but if they are already older than that, any age is a great time to start.

Our cosmetic teeth cleaning services are all natural, and our technicians work carefully to produce results that will help your dog achieve their best smile. To ensure a completely clean, hygienic service every time, we use a different sterile scaler on every animal. We also use scents and gentle touch/massages to provide a calm environment, ultimately revealing your pet’s fresh breath and clean smile after we’re done.

Help your beloved pup look and feel their best by scheduling your next cosmetic dog dental health care appointment with us. Contact us today to get on our schedule and make caring for your dog’s teeth a positive experience for you and your pup!