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Give your dog the gift of a cleaner, better-looking smile.

Imagine if you never brushed your teeth. You’d probably avoid smiling at all costs because your teeth would be dirty, stained, and flat out gross. The same goes for your dog – they need to have their teeth cosmetically cleaned on a regular basis to make their teeth look better and their breath smell fresher.

Dog Dental Cleaning in Ontario

At APL Teeth Cleaning & Treats, we perform cosmetic teeth cleaning services for dogs living all over Ontario. Our cosmetic dog dental cleaning technicians are fully trained to cosmetically scale your dog’s teeth. Since our service is only cosmetic, please note that if your pet has tartar or plaque buildup that goes beyond this, we will advise you to set up an appointment with your vet. We use a combination of scalers, natural products, and hemostats to reveal your pet’s natural pearly whites! During your pet’s appointment, we gently scale their canines using an enzymatic pet-safe toothpaste along with a gel that works with your dog’s saliva to break down any existing or new plaque and tartar. If this is the first time your pet has had their teeth cosmetically cleaned, they might get a little bit anxious. However, we make cosmetic teeth cleaning a positive experience for every dog that visits us by maintaining a calming environment and using gentle touch/massage to keep our pup patients relaxed throughout the whole appointment. Treat your dog to a cosmetic teeth cleaning and make those canines look their best! Schedule your next cosmetic teeth cleaning with us today.

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